Jabrane Labidi - DEI effort at the EAG

I enthusiastically joined the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion sub-group at the European Association of Geochemistry. Our goal will be to "promote DEI initiatives that cultivate welcoming, kind, inspiring, and actively anti-discriminatory scientific cultures as well as safe, healthy, and supportive working environments. As such, the EAG DEI initiative shall serve as a model for STEM in optimizing participation of historically excluded and underrepresented peoples across all sectors, levels of employ, and positions of community leadership."

This is an initiative to tackle racism and other biases in our academic circles. We hope to not only raise awareness on how gated geochemistry appears to be for underrepresented folks, but also to produce content describing key aspects of our problem at hand. We intend on discussing the intricate aspects of social reproduction within academia on a worldwide scale, but also with a special target on European institutions. We will host a number of initiatives, from people's profiles, surveys, blogging, and others. 

The group is lead by two fantastic co-chairs, and holds a number of amazing talents from a variety of backgrounds. Please find our webpage here

I hope i can contribute to voice concerns of all folks navigating a predominently white, able-bodied, cisgender and straight male-dominated community. A lot of words to say, a community with a lot of fantastic people, but that has remained quite homogeneous. As my personal statement suggests, i hope i can be a amplifier for LGBT, north African, and indigenous voices in our academic circles. 

The DEI group has created its own twitter account, @EAG_DEI. Please check us out here

We're online, tweeting stuff! 

I myself tweet about it with selfies and such. 


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