Jabrane Labidi - Present and past activities, in a few words

I currently hold a CNRS permanent position in Paris. Before that, i have been the recipiant of a DCO-funded postdoctoral position at the University of California, Los Angeles, where i was working with Ed Young. Prior to that, i was holding a European-Research-Council post-doctoral fellowship at the Tubingen University. Before that, I was at the Geophysical Laboratory, holding a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship (2013-2015), after the completion of my graduate studies at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP), in December of 2012. These positions have provided considerable research experience in isotope geochemistry and cosmochemistry.
My research focuses upon the study of the volatile dynamic and origin in planetary interiors and in the early solar system. This includes a specific interest in sulfur (S) and nitrogen (N), two elements that are essential in our hydrosphere to allow the habitability of the planet and the development of life. I studied the occurence and nature of subducted components in the Earth’s mantle, the isotope fingerprint left on planetary mantles by core formation, and the evaluation of photochemistry signatures observed in meteorites in the early solar system. 
My approach is to generate high precision isotope data by gaseous source by mass spectrometry. My work allowed the debut of new-generation S isotope data for mantle-derived rocks. I am also interested in the molecular weight of nitrogen in hydrothermal gases. There again, i have been driven by high-quality data acquisition. I've addressed the notion of double isotope susbitutions in naturally-occuring dinitrogen using the largest gaseous-source mass spectrometer, the Panorama, at UCLA. I also have a special interest in the origin of hydrocarbons in hydrothermal systems, since those may be responsible for the components of pre-biotic chemistry in the Archean oceans.
The novelty of my work has been recognized by the publication of reports in Nature, EPSL, GCA, PNAS and other journals. 
I am very much looking forward establishing this work at CNRS, in Paris, my hometown. 


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